All Photography & Videography by Destiny Mata

Monday, November 12, 2012


Took photos of a friends art work yesterday and ended up on her roof playing around with long exposures.


Rodney Orton said...

Good shots, my friend. Your friend looks so beautiful. :P May I ask if you have seen Madonna's photoshoot on the roof? You should come and take a peek. You could learn a lot from his photographer too.

Rodney Orton

Danielle Bailey said...

My friends and I love to hang out on the rooftop. It’s always part of our bonding to take pictures of ourselves up there. We always have a great time together. It’s really fun! Aside from that, we also have a wonderful view of the city. ;)

Danielle Bailey

Kip said...

My best friend and I love to hang out up on their rooftop too! We can stay all night long pondering about different things. I really miss those times! I wish we had taken more pictures back then.

-Kip Whitehead