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Monday, December 10, 2012

Clayton Patterson: The Front Door

Had to recreate images for my History of Photo class on a photographer of our choice.  Who better than to choose the legendary Clayton Patterson (  He documented the Lower East Side in the 80s to present day.  The Front Door is a photo book of a series of portraits of the people of the Lower East Side in the 80s shot in front of his front door.  Looking through his book I found one of my friends as a teenager posing with his group of friends. So I gave my friend Joey a call asking to take a portrait of him in front of Claytons door for my project.  Also called up one of my best friends Arkah a.k.a Doper Jones, a Lower East Side native to get her 80s steelo on to recreate a present day Front Door. 

Photos By Destiny Mata

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Going through an old hard drive. Forgot about these flicks. So many good times at the Pedicab Bar.  Just another drunken night with paint and a cooler. Photos by Destiny Mata