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Monday, December 10, 2012

Clayton Patterson: The Front Door

Had to recreate images for my History of Photo class on a photographer of our choice.  Who better than to choose the legendary Clayton Patterson (  He documented the Lower East Side in the 80s to present day.  The Front Door is a photo book of a series of portraits of the people of the Lower East Side in the 80s shot in front of his front door.  Looking through his book I found one of my friends as a teenager posing with his group of friends. So I gave my friend Joey a call asking to take a portrait of him in front of Claytons door for my project.  Also called up one of my best friends Arkah a.k.a Doper Jones, a Lower East Side native to get her 80s steelo on to recreate a present day Front Door. 

Photos By Destiny Mata

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